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Ormand City-Golden Hour

It’s 1945. FDR is at the helm and World War II intensifies while a crisis just as important exists in the mind’s eye of ten-year-old, Trav Teller: territorial rights over Ormand City’s hangout.

Disheartened by the loss of his mom, Trav escapes his sorrows by visiting The Cut. A backwoods beating and warning from town bully, Riley McAllister to, “stay away from our hangout”, only fuels Trav’s defiance. Trouble brews with each trip until Riley makes a threat Trav can’t turn away from, one that involves his best friend.

Trav may never fill the void left behind by the loss of his mom but should Riley get his way, he would earn himself a lifetime of guilt.

A precocious twelve-year-old named Saundra Woodlen, a time capsule and The Old Cottonwood, patch together the unmistakable journey known as childhood.